• Vegetable Pakora

      $ 5.90
      Chopped fresh seasonal vegetables battered in chick pea flour batter and deep fried.
    • Vegetable Samosa

      $ 5.90
      Triangular flaky pastry filled with spicy diced potatoes, nuts and green peas.
    • Onion Bhaji

      $ 5.90
      Thin slices of onions mixed with spices and battered with chickpea flour then fried until crisp.
    • Vegetable Spring Rolls

      $ 6.90
      Deep fried vegetable spring rolls.
    • Cashew Nut Masala

      $ 8.90
      Roasted cashew nuts tossed with chopped onions, tomatoes and spices with a tangy twist of lemon. The combination is going to surprise you.
    • Paneer Tikka

      $ 10.90
      Home-made cottage cheese marinated with cashew nut paste and exotic spices roasted with diced capsicum, tomato and onions in tandoor.
    • Vegetarian Mixed Platter (Minimum Order for 2)

      $ 8.00pp
      A selection consisting of vegetable pakoras, samosas, spring rolls and onion bhaji.
    • Deep Fried Mushrooms

      $ 7.90
      Mushroom marinated on tempura batter, bread crumb and deep fried until crispy.
    • Chips

      $ 5.90
      Fried in Canola oil and served with tomato sauce.

    • Malai Tikka

      $ 8.90
      Fillets of chicken pieces marinated with cream, cheese and exotic spices.
    • Murgh Tikka

      $ 8.90
      Tender spring chicken marinated with fresh herbs and spices, cooked in tandoor.
    • Achari Murgh Tikka

      $ 8.90
      Succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated in tangy pickle spices, skewered and cooked in charcoal tandoor.
    • Seekh Kebab

      $ 8.90
      Tender rolls of lamb mince with exotic spices cooked in tandoor.
    • Fish Tikka

      $ 8.90
      Boneless fish pieces marinated in yoghurt, mustard oil and spices, roasted in tandoor.
    • Peshawari Chops

      $ 10.90
      Tender lamb chops marinated in Kashmiri spices and cooked in tandoori oven.
    • Golden Fried King Prawns

      $ 11.90
      King prawns marinated on tempura batter and deep-fried until crispy.
    • Mixed Platter (minimum order for 2)

      $ 8.00pp
      A selection of vegetable pakoras, samosas, tandoori murgh tikka and seekh kebab.
    • Curry Village Special Kids Meal

      $ 12.00
      Potato chips, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, hash browns and a glass of coke/fanta/lemonade.
    • Chicken Pakora

      $ 7.90
      Julian cut chicken pieces battered with chickpea flour then golden fried
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